Volunteers Come Aboard!

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Volunteering at Aqua Outback offers you a chance to discover your potential and connect with yourself in one of the most beautiful and unexplored locations in India - the Southern coast of Tamil Nadu. This is a chance to reconnect with beauty, adventure and freedom off the Coromandel Coast. Marvel at the  diversity of nature of the coral reefs and the mangrove forests of the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere. advanced explorer)

How can you contribute? – We would love your contribution in three key areas:

Activity Volunteer:

  • To learn and assist in the running of the adventure activities and mini-expeditions at Aqua Outback.

  • To interact with our guests and educate them on skills needed for these activities and share your knowledge on the biosphere reserve.

  • To function as an additional host at Aqua Outback.

  • Must know basic safety and rescue skills, sea friendly and great interpersonal skills.

Research & Community :

  • To assist in running of administrating conservation efforts towards the reserve and educating locals on conservation.

  • To observe and provide statistical information and research data on the region to aid in ecological and environmental studies.

  • Prior experience with NGO's, diving / snorkelling, marine biology or renewable energy studies would be appreciated.

Hospitality Volunteer:

  • To assist in managing overall food, hospitality and day-to-day operations at Aqua Outback.

  • To have outstanding communication skills to work with staff, locals and guests.

  • Prior experience in hospitality and teaching is a plus.

Some of the active projects at Aqua Outback include:

  • Beach Cleanups

  • Bird watching and studying migration patterns

  • Relocation and resupply of fish

  • Mangrove forest and coral conservation

  • Outdoor adventure and survival skills

  • Improve or contribute your culinary skills with the best sourced organic and fresh food with our master chef.

  • Local awareness programs and community outreach.

Who are we looking for?

  • Outdoor adventurers

  • Conservationists \ environmentalists

  • Nature enthusiasts

  • Marine biologists

  • Divers, kayakers, anglers, kite surfers, snorkelers, free divers, bird watchers, astronomers, sailors, boat handlers, trail cyclists

  • Wild life photographers

  • Fitness / Yoga instructors

  • Musicians and Artists

  • Chefs

  • Researchers (Marine Renewable Energy)

  • Interns to learn and help in aqua culture

All volunteers would have go through an orientation and interview before confirming your request. The duration has to be of a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 3 months. Food and accommodation would be provided as well as the 'Aqua' experience! 

Aqua Outback is run by a small team and functions more like a family. Any help from volunteers in running Aqua Outback and promoting conservation would be much appreciated.

Excited ? Come volunteer with us!  

Click here to get to our contact for and send us a message telling us about yourself, the skills you have, what you can contribute to our space and what you want to achieve by the end of your stay. Also let us know inn your message for how long and when you would like to volunteer (200 words max )